No one would claim this was the best or most significant game seen at the Recreation Ground but I include it for two reasons.

The first is that it was a game I couldn’t attend as I had to get a train to Lincoln in connection with my licence to marry.  I determined to watch the first half and then leave for the station at half-time.  Kevin Arnott scored a quality free-kick but Halifax replied with goals from three poorly defended crosses so the half-time position seemed hopeless.

For some reason I didn’t leave.  Instead I convinced my brother he could take me to Newark after the final whistle to pick up my train.  My inane optimism was rewarded when a Bryn Gunn penalty and a header from Dave Waller brought the Spireites level.

The winning goal from Waller is the second reason I include this game.  It was a last-minute winner that sent the majority of the 2998 fans home happy but is a goal cited in FourFourTwo magazine as Chesterfield’s best ever.

The magazine asked fans for a goal that was great in terms of quality rather than significance; they clearly wanted a hidden gem rather than legendary highlight.  Every suggestion was Jamie Hewitt’s incredible equaliser at Old Trafford but the Editor went with this effort from a much more low-key game.

Fifty-thousand at the game and millions around the world saw Jamie’s goal.  Less than 3000 witnessed Dave Waller’s effort.  I was one of them and I still got back to Lincoln that night.

Peter Whiteley