A 1950s Miscellany

The Spennymoor Mafia. Alan Moore, Jim Smallwood and Tommy Flockett all joined Chesterfield within a year or two of eachother from Spennymoor United at the end of the 1940s. Alan was sold on to Forest  on the club's relegation in 1951 but and Jim And Tommy gave excellent service to the club throughout the 1950s. While it is popularly thought that the Spireites had a grand bunch of lads united by their north-eastern heritage the reality was a tad different, with the north-easterners occasionally fracturing into "Sunderland" and "Newcastle" camps. These three would have belonged to the former.
"It's fun to train at the... YMCA!" Anyone who wasn't around before the 60s will probably look at this and think "What ground's that, then?" It is, of course, the Saltergate Kop, in the days before the fans paid for it to be roofed over. Of the players doing star jumps we can recognise George Smith, Dave Blakey, Jimmy Smallwood and Freddie Capel over towards the left, Cyril Hatton and Keith Bannister doing the "A" in the middle and Ron Powell on the far right. Second from the right is Pat Keating, clearly hoping to impress someone from the Bolshoi Ballet.
We could do with a bit of help, here. Does anyone recognise the chap in the jacket and tie? It is obviously a posed thing, with Ollie Thompson putting in a good performance as the surprised and concerned trainer; the chap in the tracksuit whose hand is being shaken may not be connected with the club, since John Taylor identifies the badge as a Blackpool one. The Spireites we can identify are, from left, Gerry Sears, Alan Keen and, between the two shaking hands, Nelson Stiffle. 1954-5 season.
Manager Teddy Davison addresses the troops after the first day of pre-season training, July 24th, 1953.
Standing, left: Freddie Capel, Alex Harvey, Cyril Hatton.
Standing, right: Teddy Davison, Ollie Thompson.
Back row, l-r: Tommy McGoldrick, Eddie Cunningham, Dave Blakey, Bill Leivers, Ron Powell, George Smith,  Jim Smallwood, (obscured player,) Tommy Flockett.
Front row, l-r: Jim Witheford, Kenny Showler, Ken Whiteside, Alf Bellis.
Pre-season training in 1955.
The cover of George Smith's player's ticket book from the 1951-2 season.
These books usually contained four to eight pages of fixtures, club rules and the like.