Albert Phelan joined Chesterfield as an amateur in 1962 and graduated through the junior and reserve sides to turn professional two years later.  He became a first team regular in Dave Blakey's last season, taking the long-serving Blakey's place upon his retirement.

The quiet man of the side, class and consistency were hallmarks of Albert's play.  He read the game exceptionally well and had the anticipation and turn of speed neccessary to cover for team-mates in the manner of a sweeper, in the days when such players were regarded with suspicion in the English game.  He was a player who made the game look easy, so much so that he probably did not get the recognition he deserved.  He scored comparatively few goals, although one was memorable - a late run to meet an Archer chip over a defensive wall against Barnsley in the 1970-1 season.

He joined Halifax with Ray McHale in exchange for Terry Shanahan and £3,000, and came to be highly regarded at The Shay.  Before retiring from football, he spent five years at Boston, the last two as Manager.  He has since served Sheffield Wednesday in a number of scouting and coaching roles.

For Chesterfield: 385+5 Football League appearances; 14 goals.