Formation cogitation 1

Posted on September 13, 2012 at 4:15 PM

You know me.  Put 10p in the slot and I'll bang on about the 1867 formation, dispassionately lopping a season off the accepted formation year, which is 1866, as any fule kno.

So, how would it be if I were to have found reference to a "Chesterfield Football club" in 1864?  Yeaaah.... you're listening to the old fool now, aren't you?!

This is from a Derbyshire Times of January 2nd, 1864:

I recall that the report of the 1867 club's first match talked about the game being "The first we have seen in this district for some time," or similar. The whole report can be viewed here. That of course opened up the possiblity of organised football having taken place in the district earlier than 1867, and here it is, apparently.

Where would this place the club's formation in the chronology of early organised football? We'd not be as old as Forest; we'd be as old as Stoke and older than our chums up the road. Of course, we know nothing of this club's constitution, Was it properly organised, as such? Was it a branch of the cricket club, as the 1867 one was? Perhaps not, you'd think, or the cricket club would have no need to form another one three years later.

So, do we celebrate 150 years of football in Chesterfield in 2013-14? Should we alert Jim Brown to get the tee-shirt printing presses rolling?  I reckon this cutting is more reliable than George Oram's Book of Football article where proof is concerned, so why the hell not?


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