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Posted on October 28, 2012 at 10:05 AM

You can argue that he didn’t pick the team, but Paul Cook was involved from the start of the first match following his recent appointment as Chesterfield manager, which ended in a disappointingly tame home defeat.

I though it might be interesting to see how the last ten appointees to the Chair of Misery at Chesterfield had fared on their first game in the job. Cook’s result merely continues a disappointing trend that has seen the last three managers start with a defeat.

Overall, the last ten managers’ first games in charge have produced an underwhelming won 2, drawn 3 and lost 5 record, with only 8 goals being scored and 14 conceded.

Oddly, perhaps, the only two managers to start with a win came to be regarded as among the worst of the ten.

On reflection, I suppose it isn’t peculiar that any new manager of Chesterfield FC should start with a defeat; of the nine before Cook, only Nicky Law left because someone else wanted him, while all the others were sacked (or not kept on beyond their contract expiry) because of poor results, so the new man came in with the team in a slump.

Here are the records of our last ten permanent appointments to the manager’s office:

Paul COOK                            Barnet                                       H       L            1-2

John SHERIDAN                   Torquay United                         A       L            0-2

Lee RICHARDSON               Swansea City                           A       L            0-2

Roy McFARLAND                 Wrexham                                  A       D            0-0

Dave RUSHBURY                Oldham Athletic                        H       W           4-2

Nicky LAW                             Bury                                          A       D            1-1

John DUNCAN                      Darlington                                 A       D            1-1

Chris McMENEMY                Scarborough                             H       L            0-1

Paul HART                             Bristol Rovers                           H       L            0-3

Kevin RANDALL                    Preston NorthEnd                    A       W           1-0

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