Summertime stats update

Posted on May 25, 2013 at 3:15 AM

The update is coming along nicely. New to the lists is one that catalogues all the players who have scored both for us and against us in competitive football. That number currently stands at 108, I think, and includes 25 players who have scored against us for a side, and for us against the same side. The most recent of those is Marc Richards, who scored for and against us and Port Vale.

Here's the list.

The list doesn't include own goals; these are (now, I believe, fully) documented on another list. It's not everyone who has ever scored for us or against us, but rather, it's a list of folk who have scored for us and against us. I hope that is clear!

A few have accoplished this feat in the same season but only two - Reg Halton and Phil Bonnyman - share the distinction of having scored for us and against us in matches involving the same opponenents in the same season. Reg scored against us for Bury in 1948-9, was transferred to Chesterfield, then scored for us against The Shakers in the return game. Phil Bonnyman accomplished the same feat in the same manner against Carlisle United in 1979-80.

Compilation of his list would not have been possible without the English National Football Archive.

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