Sub record corrected

Posted on March 5, 2013 at 2:20 AM

Not for nothing does my Twitter biography call me a "purveyor of occasionally erronious historical football info to the good people of Chesterfield." Thankfully, an army of a couple of people swing into action at every claim, to check it and correct where neccessary. When you're dealing with thousands of facts a day, the odd error is likely to creep in.

The thing on the "Sky is Blue" Facebook page about our recent subless game at Dagenham is a case in point. Looking back through old records it appeared to be our first subless Football League game in 46, but the reality is much more grand. An error on data entry caused me to miss substitutes off part of the line-up grid for last season, and in fact, our last subless Football League game before the Daggers one was at Brentford on March 17th, 2009, a game which, coincidentally, was also won 1-0.

183 Football League games passed between the Brentford and Dagenham matches, and Chesterfield used at least one substitute in all of those. It means, of course, that John Sheridan used at least one substitute in each of his 141 games in charge.

Tommy Lee and Drew Talbot were the only survivors from the first game to play in the second, although Jack Lester is of course still at the club.

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