Here are links to written articles about aspects of the club’s past.


Four Clubs for Chesterfield addresses the issue of the club's formation and its ancestry.

The 1905 Book of Football article about the club is responsible for a number of early misconceptions

Basil Easterbrook’s article for a 1970 Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly catalogues the club’s post-war demise.

The history of The Recreation Ground is told in this article.

The Leddy Test Case was important in establishing the PFA's credibility, and The Spireites were at the heart of it!

The sordid George Parsonage Affair reportedly had repercussions for the old Town club.

Why is a little-known son of Staveley named Leslie Lievesley buried on a Turin hillside?

Here is our Roll of Honour tribute to those ex­-Spireites who gave their lives in war.

An account of our Anglo-Scottish Cup campaign from 1980-81 as recounted in 1999

Details of our early televised games are here

Chesterfield's Second World War seasons outlined here.