Backrow, l-r: James Boardman, William Shepley, J Toplis, J Myett or E Francis, Frank Harrison, Samuel Hancock.
Front row, l-r: Walter Skinner, Tommy Severns, Arthur Naylor, John Toplis, William Booker, FK Swallow.

Our earliest image is understandably the one that I'm most confused about. A copy of it appeared in a 1946 Derbyshire Times, claiming it to be a Chesterfield line-up from 1882-3. Problem is, the first Chesterfield FC became defunct in 1881 and although it was immediately re-formed as the Chesterfield United FC, that club seemed to limp on for no more than a season. The first Chesterfield Town FC did not appear until 1884, so this photo seems to be cast in some sort of limbo.

So the date could be wrong - most of the names are consistent with the 1884-5 side - or the team could be wrong, since some of the players named also appeared for Spital in the late 1870s and early 1880s and for other sides, like Chesterfield Livingstone, that sprang out of the original Chesterfield club. There are too many good, regular Spital players missing from it to be them but, beyond that, I cannot be certain.