Here are line-ups for every Chesterfield game that we've found from the first reported match in 1868. We are slowly adding to our reserves & juniors knowledge base and are pleased to hear from anyone who can expand on anything we've got here.
Chesterfield FC, 1867-81:
The 1867-81 section now includes a few line-ups for two sides - Chesterfield Livingstone and Chesterfield United - whose history is entwined with that of the first Chesterfield FC. The Spital FC, once the most powerful team in the district, had a history that crossed Chesterfield's like the lines on your hand, and I include what I've found for them, for the fourteen seasons of their existence.
Chesterfield Town FC, 1884 - 1915:
Chesterfield Town FC, 1915-17
Chesterfield FC, 1919 to date:

Ken Foster is co-ordinating a project to record every CFC game that saw a programme issued for it, and this fact is being recorded on the line-up grids, with important information about the project here. By the end of 2015 Ken's remarkable effort has seen programme information recorded for all the seasons from 1919-20 onwards.