Here are links to the first steps in a long-cherished project - to get as many Chesterfield FC minute books as we have seen on line. We've seen almost a complete set from April 1921 to the early 1950s, with the only missing items being some sub-committee minutes for the period between the Municipal Club's formation in 1919 and the disbandment of the sub-committee structure in 1922.

I've tried to present the transcripts as they are written, with only the most obvious glaring errors being corrected where to transcribe them might confuse the reader. Where entries appear indistinct I have tried to note that.

Transcription of the books continues. I'll try to tweet (@CFChistory_com) as I make progress. Do not expect anything too up to date - I feel it only right that some sort of "statute of limitations" is exercised so nothing less than fifty years old would be posted, even if I were to see them - which I haven't, and I don't suppose I will!
1919: Minutes of Financial Committee meetings
1920: Minutes of Financial Committee meetings

1921: Minutes of full board meetings

1921: Minutes of other committees

1922: Minutes of board meetings

1923: Minutes of board meetings

1924: Minutes of board meetings

1925: Minutes of board meetings

1926: Minutes of board meetings

1927: Minutes of board meetings

1928: Minutes of board meetings (Financial business)

1929: Minutes of board meetings (Financial business)

1929: Minutes of board meetings (Football business)

Note that during the tenure of Teddy Davison as Sectretary/Manager, board meetings were split into "Financial business" meetings and "Football business" meetings. Although one meeting started as the other one finished, each meeting was minuted seperately. For the most part, only the "Financial business" minutes have yet been found.