Here are our records of the club's performances from a "team" point of view.
Competitions played in at all levels, by 1st & 2nd XIs, "A" team and youth teams.
Chesterfield's opponents in first-team league football, and the seasons we met them in (new)
All Chesterfield's League results, by opposing club.
All Chesterfield's league and cup results on any given day of the year.
All Chesterfield's cup matches.
All Chesterfield's 1st XI, friendly matches. now includes many "public practice" games.
All Chesterfield's abandoned matches.
Recurrence of results - how many games have ended with a given result? (FL only)
Chesterfield's win doubles, per season and per club.
Chesterfield's sequence records.
Chesterfield's sequences from the start of a season.
Chesterfield's aggregated playing records, season by season.
Chesterfield's aggregated playing records, club-by-club.
Attendance records and information.
Chesterfield's finishing positions in the pyramid structure. Get ready to scroll down...
How seasons unfolded: highest & lowest positions during a season and positions after ten games & with ten to go.
Penalty shootouts: If you're of the opinion that "Town are always rubbish at penalties," be prepared to be mildly surprised.
Managers' records: the team's performance under each manager in Football League games